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Spectrum Harrogate Welcomes You


Spectrum Harrogate

Individuals linked by a common denominator

Spectrum is a Harrogate based social group, for widows & widowers, started in 2009.

It is a way of meeting new friends also on their bereavement journey, and who are ready to take the next step by taking part in a range of social activities.

The group meets on a Wednesday evening from 7.30pm at St Robert’s Club in Robert Street and on a Monday afternoon from 2.00pm in the basement of Prego on Montpellier Hill.

Members organise events such as monthly lunches, quiz nights, walks, theatre and cinema visits and charity events.

While Spectrum’s main purpose is not to raise money for charities, any surplus from the regular monthly quizzes etc. are donated to the designated charities, which are agreed by the members annually. In addition, the surplus from ad-hoc charity events, organised by individual members, may be designated to a specific charity.

If you would like to find out more, or talk to a member of the club please email spectrumharrogate.widowed@gmail.com or telephone one of our members as follows:

Pat: 01423 526 646

Kay: 01423 566 226

David: 01423 563 670

John: 01765 606 766